Yuliia Marcinkoski

Co-Founder and President, YN Capital

Yuliia is a co-founder and President at YN Capital, a private fund that invests in startups and scale ups, and through her work as Senior Vice President at Formulate IP, she is responsible for managing the company’s IP venture fund. Yuliia advises startups and scale ups on growing their business in Canada and abroad. She gladly shares her expertise in ideation and product management, international business expansion, IP strategy, ESG strategy, board governance, supply chain optimization, automation, equity and capital investment. 

Yuliia has a decade of experience with international business and non-profit impact projects and in facilitating and promoting foreign direct investment into Alberta’s strategic sectors. During her professional career she spent much time on stakeholder relations & partnerships, market analysis, strategy development, and negotiations. Yuliia has a high-level network with local and international economic development agencies, businesses, and corporations in Canada, US and Europe.  

She is also a co-founder of BeBrave Tech, a multi point platform designed to contribute to Ukraine’s innovation ecosystem through investment, mentorship, market expansions and business advice.  

She is passionate about sustainable development, civic engagement, and youth mentorship. In her free time, Yuliia volunteers and tries to contain her gardening obsession. She has a son and daughter who help shape her view of the world. Yuliia is a connector and passionate community builder. Coming from a Ukrainian culture with high civic engagement, she has been adding value to the Alberta ecosystem for the past 15 years.

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