Treffrey Deerfoot

Aissikotoyomahka - Artist, Ceremonialist, Storyteller, Dancer, Singer, Drummer

I am from Siksika Nation and from the “Run Away Buffalo Clan”. The territory we occupied was where the two river meet Bow and Elbow in the spring and summer; and the Banff corridor in the fall and winter seasons. I have formal western post secondary education but my world is defined by oral Blackfoot way of life. I have part taking in piercing Sundance, Horn Society (leader of Straight Up Headdresses), caregiver of Beaver bundle and have enjoyed the Prairie Chicken dance since I was able to walk. The Blackfoot way of life has been etched into the way l see the world from the lens of my Ancestors. 

In the Medicine Wheel observation it is our responsibility to pass on our knowledge to others. Today I hope to give my understanding of traditional ways and western thoughts in guiding our trail of life. It is the gathering of knowledge and making informed decisions which our Ancestors left for us.  

I am the Chair of the Sacred Tobacco Collaboration with Alberta Health Services, Canadian Cancer Society, ASH (Action on Smoking & Health) and Alberta Blue Cross. Also an Elder for the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association (NADA), and regularly speaks at schools sharing the knowledge of our Blackfoot way of life. Lastly, initiated the Traditional Healing Circle for Men for Siksika Health Services.

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