IoT North Conference Speakers 2022

Walter Knitl

Walter is the founder and CEO at Praxiem, providing consulting in market research, commercialization, and business development services, including a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). Some recent work includes reports on national and regional IoT ecosystems to inform exports and Foreign Direct Investment attraction efforts. He is a co-creator and instructor of an IoT workshop leveraging Design Thinking for IoT technology and governance innovation. Before Praxiem, Walter’s 30 years of extensive experience in the ICT sector include roles in R&D, standards development, and Product Management at Ericsson, Nortel, Mitel, and Ontario Centre for Microelectronics. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Walter is a board member at AIoT Canada, fostering a Canadian AI/IoT ecosystem. He is a founder at IoT North, which cultivates Canada’s Internet of Things Conversation, including hosting the ThingsHappen podcasts and ThingkFest events. Walter also co-founded and co-produced the IoT613 Conference (2015-2019), priming panels on Social Impacts of IoT and IoT in Canada, among other key conference programs and business roles. He is a proponent of the Internet of Things as a lever for economic growth and social good. 

CEO & Principal Consultant, Praxiem
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