IoT North Conference Speakers 2022

Marshall Berkin

Marshall Berkin leads the Industry Solutions team, which is revolutionizing the full suite of B2B solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses across Canada. This team is responsible for helping customers keep pace with new and emerging technology with next-generation solutions – including 5G and IoT, data monetization, cybersecurity, edge computing, communication and collaboration solutions – to support their transformation and help them thrive in a digital world.  

With over 25 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications, Marshall is accountable for leading market-driven solutions that help address business and societal challenges, such as Augmented Reality for Remote Workers, Health & Safety AI analytics and Connected Ambulance. Under his leadership, Industry Solutions is driving acquisitions, strategic partnerships with leading tech companies, and building ecosystems of integrated solutions to help business customers across industries leverage TELUS’ globally leading networks and digital systems for a completely connected experience.  

Equally committed to giving back to his local community in British Columbia, Marshall co-developed the TELUS Vancouver Island community investment strategy and is now actively involved in the South Island Prosperity Partnership and the Victoria Chamber of Commerce. He serves as a member of the TELUS Victoria Community Board and was instrumental in developing Jeneece Place, a temporary home for families to stay in while their children receive medical treatment.   

Marshall lives in Victoria with his wife and two children. His favourite hobby is boating.  

Vice-president, Industry Solutions, TELUS Business Solutions
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