IoT North Conference Speakers 2022

Jim Gibson

It’s a big job and the title says it all — Chief Catalyst. For us, it means leading a school of impact while accelerating existing and yet-to-be-realized businesses. If you’re inspired by digital disruption, you know at the core of Calgary’s growing tech ecosystem is Jim Gibson — a connector and catalyst. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, our new school and leading trailblazer will change that.   

Passionate, infinitely curious and a six-time entrepreneur, Gibson believes he’s been preparing for this role his entire career. Maybe it’s because he’s spent three decades anticipating, adopting and advancing technology trends and challenges.  

Cutting to the chase and credentials, Jim is the co-founder of Thin Air Labs, which funds early-stage, entrepreneur-led technology ventures and networks. Including remaining a partner with Thin Air, Gibson is active in the innovation ecosystem. He is a member of The A100, board member of local health care start-up Mikata Health and the not-for-profit Beakerhead, an advisor to Alberta Innovates, and a mentor with Venture Mentoring Services of Alberta.  

With a Management Consultant designation (CMC) along with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Computer Science from University of Toronto and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance from Schulich University (York), Gibson also understands the business drivers of innovation and technological change.  

Outlined in his recently published and thought-provoking book, Tip of the Spear: Our Species and Technology at a Crossroads, Gibson examines the challenges and the opportunities ahead.  “With my recent work, I have come to appreciate that some of the best technologies, innovations and breakthroughs will come from places in our global economy where we least expect.”  

If he sounds cool, it’s because he is. Together, we’re building what’s next. Jim, let’s do this. 

Chief Catalyst, SAIT
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