IoT North Conference Speakers 2022

Brenda Beckedorf

Brenda Beckedorf has been Executive Director of Alberta IoT since August 1st, 2019.   

Brenda started her career in technology with Graycon Group as Director of Business Development for Canada. Ricoh Canada, formerly Graycon Group, is an IT consulting firm that specializes in the design, implementation, and support of all network systems.   

Brenda moved on to start her own company “Launch Strategic Group” in 2017 with a focus on supporting growth in technology companies through sales strategies. She worked closely with companies that focus on IoT Solutions across verticals such as mining. farming, and O&G to increase their markets, adding process and establishing new verticals.   

In her role as Executive Director, Brenda’s focus is to increase government and local industry awareness of Alberta IoT through dialogue, events, and social.  Investing in our IoT business community by highlighting their skills and building a community that can support and grow together will be part of her mandate.  

Through Brenda’ leadership, the Alberta IoT Centre for Excellence was developed. The IoT Centre of Excellence exists to recruit businesses & expertise, coordinate research & projects in the Province of Alberta. Our mission is to put Alberta as a world leader in the Internet of Things and emerging technologies.  

Brenda is the part of the AIoT Canada Board of Director as Director for Alberta. This role is focused on fostering and developing a pan-Canadian IoT and IoT-oriented AI ecosystem and provide a forum for Canada’s Internet of Things Conversation  

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Executive Director, Alberta IoT
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