Scott Kubes

Head of Business Development & Sales - Americas, Australia & New Zealand, OrbiWise

Scott Kubes is OrbiWise’s Head of Business Development & Sales for the Americas, Australia & New Zealand and has been in this role since 2015.

OrbiWise is provider of the industry leading family of LoRaWAN Network Servers (LNS), OrbiWAN, that is in use by LoRaWAN operators such as Chevron, Tata Communications, Ventia, eleven-x, YEAP!, Hub One, Pinacl, and IoT Shanghai as well as the innovative Sampols Noise Monitoring Solution (based on LoRaWAN).

 Scott has extensive history working in the wireless communications industry in Product/Project Management, Business Development, Product Planning and R&D roles. Prior to joining OrbiWise, Scott was Business Development Director – Americas, for Ericsson Mobile (chipsets) and ST-Ericsson. He has also held roles at AT&T, DataPath, Panasonic Mobile and Ericsson Mobile Phones. Scott holds BSME, MSME and MBA degrees. 

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