Rémikya Hellal

Solutions Director, Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Victrix

Ms. Hellal, an Information Technology expert with an ACIP certification in penetration testing, quickly distinguished herself among cybersecurity specialists upon joining the team. Recognized as an emerging leader in IoT security, she consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of client needs and excels in delivering impactful results. Ms. Hellal is a sought-after keynote speaker, renowned for her ability to demystify and emphasize the importance of securing IoT devices, with a keen focus on potential consequences in various sectors. Her expertise extends to delivering presentations at notable events, including “Insecurity of the Internet of Things.” She also plays a pivotal role in designing Capture The Flag challenges for ethical hacking competitions, such as iHack and Hackfest. Clients greatly value her exceptional problem-solving skills and the insightful guidance she provides. 

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