Prabh Paul

CEO, Tracecost

Prabh Paul, CEO leads the strategy/innovation of Tracecost.

He is highly analytical, entrepreneurial leader who specializes in driving growth for global brands who are expanding infrastructure. He is a thought partner facilitating Board alignment to deliver business results. He takes pride in being an exceptional people-focused executive who builds inspired, high performing teams and a culture of executional excellence.

He is responsible for tackling the challenge of driving operational excellence while balancing optimal amount of process, reporting and structure to deliver the right outcome every time. Paul also brings extensive experience managing and delivering infrastructure projects with improved process and value maximization. Born in Kuwait, presently a multi-hyphenate design professional in Canada.

Qualified as an architect, he was recognized for excellence in architectural studies. Prior to Tracecost, he was a partner at ANP Group, diversifying the group portfolio. Paul has global exposure with infrastructure projects delivered across many countries including China, North America, Nigeria, India, Afghanistan and Philippines. Global brands such as P&G, Nissan, EY, NEC Technologies, Siemens, Huawei, Bosch, Credit Suisse, Blackrock, Marriott, BCG, Hinduja, HP, Walmart, KPMG, Renault and many more has been his customers.

Tracecost vision is To create a Tech platform for the infrastructure industry to improve the world communities. Areas of expertise: Product growth, ML/Deep learning, Growth and Change management 

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