Oba Harding

Senior Business Officer - Prairies Economic Development Canada

Oba Harding is a Senior Business Officer with Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan), a Regional Development Agency and department of the federal government. He works with companies, industry groups and ecosystem partners across all sectors, to make strategic investments that enhance and strengthen the economy of Western Canada. 

Oba’s career has spanned in agriculture, reproductive medicine, and information technology development. He holds degrees from the University of British Columbia, the University of Edinburgh, and Simon Fraser University. His roles include clinical scientist, and business strategist with entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures. He has worked in innovation funding for the past 10 years across British Columbia and Alberta, consulting with companies and academics to support over 350 research and development (R&D) projects. He has strong convictions about R&D as a driver of innovation, and has worked across government agencies and industry groups to help businesses access grants and loans for growth and expansion. 

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