Neal Isaac

Managing Director, Technology Assurance, Data Science and Analytics, ATB Financial

Neal Isaac is a Technology & Risk leader in the Financial Services Industry. Highly regarded by his peers, in 2022 Neal was nominated as one of the top four technology role models in the ecosystem by Rainforest Alberta. 

Neal’s focus is to find the right balance between risk taking and controls to intentionally obtain strategic objectives in a way he describes as “wise risk taking”. Neal is a guide to help all levels of management and executives understand the practical application of technology to their business solutions in a language they can understand, and relate to.

In his contributions to the creation of a technology strategy at ATB, he was selected by the executive leadership team to be the technology representative for research and analysis on 10 year trends for technology in the banking industry, including Artificial Intelligence, Open Banking and Innovation. 

Neal has international experience working in the US and Canada, as well as utilizing remote teams around the globe. Neal is a Certified Technologist, has a Network Engineering Diploma and is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional. He has a Cybersecurity Certificate from MiT and actively collaborates with FS-ISAC and other public partners. He lives with his family in rural Alberta where they advocate for Smart Agriculture, Ruralism and Inclusion.

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