Jenna Galloway

Founder & CEO, Fledge App

After 10 years of experience within the health, education, and wellness industries in Calgary, Jenna identified a gap in the market where Education Technology can be used in a preventative approach to building capacity in young students ages Kindergarten to Grade 3.

She is currently working with a team to develop an EdTech platform that can be used at home and in school settings that will build social-emotional competency and functional capacity within young students so that they can face the challenges of daily life with resilience and the ‘tools’ they need. For more information, please visit

Prior to building Fledge, Jenna founded and established Wymbin– a youth wellness and education studio located in Inglewood, Calgary. The studio offers a Licensed Preschool & Kindergarten program, camps, and offerings that support families in allowing their children to thrive during the most crucial developmental years. Over the past 5 years, Wymbin has provided comprehensive school wellness programs and professional development opportunities to schools and organizations in Calgary.

Wymbin also has developed a Yoga Alliance recognized Teacher Training Program and has trained over 800 instructors throughout North America. For more information please visit

Jenna also founded BEAM Foundation- a registered charity that provides free access to programs that support wellbeing for young people who may not otherwise have these opportunities. BEAM stands for Balance, Empower, Action, and Movement. Through the provision of programs that integrate physical literacy and emotional competency, BEAM partners with Alberta organizations to support them in providing opportunities for all youth to thrive. For more information please visit 

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