Jade Alberts

Founder - Peer Guidance, VP – Canadian Blockchain Consortium

I am a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successfully guiding multiple companies to exit. In addition to my role as the Founder of Peer Guidance – where we prioritize Purpose Before Profit and operate as a Fractional Business Team with a sharp focus on Scale, Growth, and People  

As an Angel Investor, I’ve made strategic investments in Cleantech, Life Science, Agtech, and various industry-agnostic tech ventures, accumulating a portfolio of over 30 investments. Furthermore, I serve as a Start-Up Advisor for Health Sciences and Social Innovation Hubs at Innovate Calgary (University of Calgary) and Ag Venture Fund SVG Thrive. 

On top of these roles, I host a highly influential weekly business podcast, “Telling It Like It Is,” which has garnered over 5 million views, making it a prominent platform for insightful discussions. I’ve also initiated “Founders Coffee” in Alberta, creating a space for like-minded entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas. 

In addition to these commitments, I am the Vice President at the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, where our mission is to educate and unite the Canadian Blockchain Industry. We actively engage with Provincial and Federal Governments to advocate for sensible regulation in Canada, representing the interests of our 90 member companies. Our influence and expertise extend beyond borders as we frequently share our insights and experiences on global stages.  

Mental Health advocate for entrepreneurs. Speak at events and make sure entrepreneurs realize they are not alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. 


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