Fatima Remtullah Damji

Director, Advice + AI Products at ATB Financial

Over the past 8+ years, Fatima has had a dynamic career within the digital transformation space. Her path started as a Product Designer and transitioned into Product Management where she made impactful contributions to clients in various industries including aviation, retail and fintech.  

In her current role as the Director of Advice + AI Products at ATB Financial, Fatima is part of a team responsible for shaping the strategic direction of advisory products and services enabled by data, AI and Automation. Her expertise lies in translating cutting-edge technology into tangible, human-centric solutions that empower clients to achieve financial wellness. 

Apart from her professional pursuits, Fatima is a dedicated crafter, embracing a range of hobbies that encompass pottery, tufting, and candle making. These creative endeavours provide her with an escape from her highly digital day-to day.

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