2022 Exhibitors

AIoT Canada

AIoT Canada is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) established in 2019 to promote the adoption, development and operationalization of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Canada. The mission of AIoT Canada is to promote and accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things technologies in Canada, to ensure the economic reach of its members, to support the development and promotion of best operational practices and promote the training of the digital talents of tomorrow.

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Alberta IoT Association

The Alberta IoT Association is a nonprofit consisting of organizations with a vested interest in the success of the Internet of Things in the province of Alberta. Our mission is to position Alberta as the worldwide center of excellence for the Internet of Things technology.

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Anixter is a leading global distributor of Network & Security Solutions, Electrical & Electronic Solutions and Utility Power Solutions. We help build, connect, power and protect valuable assets and critical infrastructures. From enterprise networks to industrial MRO supply to video surveillance applications to electric power distribution, we offer full-line solutions, and intelligence, that create reliable, resilient systems that sustain businesses and communities. Through our unmatched global distribution network along with our supply chain and technical expertise, we help lower the cost, risk and complexity of our customers’ supply chains.

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August Electronics

August Electronics is a proudly Canadian owned and operated organization. Our story is not unique in the sense that our founding partners seized an opportunity to do things better than what the market was currently providing. Those same guiding principles, energy and passion carry our organization forward today. We’ve built our company with shared values of success with our clients and continually engage our team to support yours.

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Helcim is on a mission to be the world’s most loved payments company by giving small businesses every possible edge to thrive and enrich our communities. The company delivers an easier, smarter, and more affordable payment experience with a human touch. Helcim serves thousands of businesses in Canada and the US across 800 different industries, processing billions in payments each year.

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Osperity develops and provides cloud-based AI driven intelligent visual monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry in North America. The company was founded in 2012 in Alberta, Canada, Osperity grew out of a renewed enthusiasm for the energy industry at the beginning of the past decade. At the time, however, most of that growth was still around the “old and proven” ways of doing things, Osperity saw an opportunity to innovate within a very traditional industry vertical and create a more cost-effective and convenient solution for their end users.

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TELUS Business

TELUS Business is a world-leading technology company of 16 million customer connections spanning from wireless and entertainment to data and security. We leverage our leading LPWA, 4G and 5G networks and solutions to empower remarkable human outcomes within our IoT, Smart City, Big Data, Health and Agriculture solutions–while protecting data with our industry-leading privacy safeguards. We give where we live as community investment is a top priority, especially as we work with health authorities and governing bodies to help remedy pandemic challenges with our award-winning Data for Good programs.  

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Rigstar Industrial Telecom

Founded in 1998, Rigstar has been on an epic journey ever since. Our adventure began with the introduction of a wired Intercom system to the energy sector. With the success of the Intercom system our savvy owners recognized a need for cellular enhancement to remote locations. Their search took them to a Telecom show in Las Vegas where they encountered a carrier grade cellular enhancer. The reception was widely received once the boosters were introduced to the market. Since then our company has grown into a carrier that offers accelerated Internet connectivity, Fiber Optics, Tower Construction, Cellular Enhancement and Network Support.

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SaskTel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries offer a wide range of ICT products and services including competitive voice, data and Internet services, wireless data services, maxTV services, data centre services, cloud-based services, security monitoring services, advertising services, and international software and consulting services. SaskTel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have a workforce of approximately 3,400 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs).

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Tektelic Communications Inc.

TEKTELIC is a premier provider of Best-in-Class IoT Gateways and Devices. Utilizing the LoRaWAN® technology, TEKTELIC prides itself on building hardware designed for Carrier-Grade performance, reliability, scalability, and the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for the Operator. 

TEKTELIC offers a wide range of Custom Product Design, Development, Life Cycle Support  and Sustaining Services covering numerous wireless technologies.

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SpikeFli Analytics Corp.

SpikeFli is a SaaS platform that supports Enterprise in managing large data sets for multiple vendors in one platform, and presenting data that supports reducing costs and driving efficiency on Telecom & IT.

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As one of the largest IoT distributors in North America, Novotech has partnerships with the leading manufacturers of cellular routers, gateways, modems, modules, antennas, and signal boosters. Established in 2001, Novotech has offices throughout the United States and Canada.

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Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) is the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) access to innovation program. With its five program elements, IDEaS supports the development of solutions at any stage. Through funding, collaboration, demonstration and testing opportunities, IDEaS helps push technologies forward to an adoption-ready level in order to increase defence capabilities. IDEaS is for all Canadian innovators, from defence primes to academia, SME’s to not-for-profits.

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Cosmos Forms

Cosmos Forms is a mobile forms and business process automation company. They offer a best-in-class paperless cloud-based solution for managing modern work that can be used seamlessly on mobile, the web, and as a Microsoft Teams app. Cosmos Forms has over twenty-five years of operations and safety experience, as well as commercial IT solutions implementation. Cosmos Forms, founded in 2018 is employee owned, an Independent Software Vendor, and a Microsoft Partner.  

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Location Ai

Location Ai Limited is a “Location As A Service” (LAAS) company with technologies across the entire location supply chain including hardware devices, connectivity, platform, cloud resources, data analytics, data privacy, and security. We provide our services for industrial usage:

1. Indoor GIS with accurate indoor and outdoor positioning;
2. Accident alert through AI deep learning;
3. Accident detection and geofencing system;
4. Fast response and rescue system; and
5. Smart devices

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Alliance Corporation

Alliance Corporation is Canada’s largest distributor of products for the wireless industry. We have two warehouses in Canada – one in Calgary and another in Mississauga. We carry a wide range of products for IoT. Drop by our booth to find out more!

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The University of Calgary Solar Car Team

The University of Calgary Solar Car Team has the vision of leading the community in the pursuit of sustainable technology. To do so, our team members design, build and race practical solar cars that engage the community and encourage the growth of student leaders. 

Throughout our 18 years of impact in the community, our team has aimed to educate younger generations, innovate within our Calgarian community, and inspire the automotive industry to push for the implementation of renewable energies within our daily lives.


SPIRIT Omega, along with its subsidiary division – Fast Labour Solutions (FLS), is an award-winning team that solves each client’s needs with a tailored approach with respect to diversity recruitment and contingent workforce solutions. Both companies have been widely recognized receiving numerous business awards including Shell Canada’s Vendor of Excellence, Global TV’s Women of Distinction and RBC Women of Influence – Telus Trailblazer Award.

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Simply Embedded

Simply Embedded began its journey as an embedded systems consulting and design house in 2015. Building on the experience of developing IOT devices for its customers, we are now in the process of transforming into a product-first business with the goal of solving some of the most prevalent pain points engineers face in the industry. Our first line of products is designed to provide organizations the tools to acquire and manage the data they need without undertaking time consuming engineering projects. The platform empowers customers to improve business and operational outcomes with minimal cost and time to market. Our hardware is built around a core module providing LTE-M connectivity and shipped with production-ready firmware including the operating system and drivers which manage security, provisioning, connectivity and OTA firmware updates. The accompanying cloud service is responsible for device and connectivity management acting as the secure, central relay for all data streaming from devices. The collected data can then be forwarded to any third party analytics engine, ending the need to deploy cloud specific firmware. Our team of expert engineers can also provide customized services for highly specialized applications. 

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Taoglas is the global leader of advanced antenna designs. With over 15 years of industry leading world-class design, consultancy and engineering expertise, Taoglas has a proven expertise in delivering connectivity solutions across public safety, transportation/public transit, connected health/medical , smart cities/utilities and Enterprise/Industrial IoT networking . Taoglas has over 450 employees in 10 locations worldwide. With the broadest portfolio of embedded /external antennas, RF & cables, connectors & audio, Taoglas connectivity solutions are proudly designed and developed in Ireland & North America. Taoglas supports the Canadian market with our valued IoT solutions partner Novotech and their ecosystem of trusted partners.  

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C2RO™ is a leading global provider of GDPR-Compliant AI-SaaS Video Analysis of the human behaviour in the physical space.  ENTERA™, C2RO’s flagship product, is the most advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform in the world. ENTERA™ provides comprehensive, accurate, and 100% FACELESS journey insights, detailed socio-demographic breakdowns, and full-conversion funnel analysis. It enables data-driven decision-making and improves the quality of service, customer experience, and safety by detecting inefficiencies and bottlenecks impacting the ROI. ENTERA™ delivers seamless scalability across thousands of locations around the globe, at an ultra-low cost, with up to 10X savings on Edge investments. 

Our proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies are uniquely architected to use existing security cameras to deliver industry-leading flexibility, scalability, and accuracy while being fully compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations, including the EU’s GDPR.  

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BlackBerry Radar

BlackBerry Radar® is a complete asset tracking solution that provides reliable trailer, chassis, container and railcar visibility, and status, of non-powered assets. Maximizing asset utilization, driving preventative maintenance strategies, and streamlining operations are just a few ways BlackBerry Radar can add efficiencies into your business and maximize your ROI. 

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Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW) is a world leading IoT solutions provider that combines devices, network services, and software to unlock value in the connected economy. Companies globally are adopting 4G, 5G, and LPWA solutions to improve operational efficiency, create better customer experiences, improve their business models, and create new revenue streams. Sierra Wireless works with its customers to develop the right industry-specific solution for their IoT deployments, whether this is an integrated solution to help connect edge devices to the cloud, a software/API service to manage processes with billions of connected assets, or a platform to extract real-time data to improve business decisions. With more than 25 years of cellular IoT experience, Sierra Wireless is the global partner customers trust to deliver them their next IoT solution. 

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Mind in a Box

Mind in a Box Inc. provides integrated and pre-optimized hardware/software solutions packaged as Equipment-as-a-Service in three main domains: (1) Data Intelligence (Advanced analytics & AI, including real-time and geoanalytics), (2) Intelligent Networks (cybersecurity, continuity of operations and quality of service), (3) Edge Computing & Edge AI (including IoT & AIoT, Industry 4.0 including Additive Manufacturing). Our on-premises or Edge solutions, called Mind in a Box™, are turnkey, cost-effective and integrate the best hardware and solution providers in the world. Our ecosystem supports business requirements by enabling prepackaged and accelerated solutions upon a revolutionary and patented infrastructure that can be deployed, or hosted under our care. From provisioning and deployment to managed services and training, everything is included. 

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Astao Geoprotect

With Astao Geoprotect we ensure 24/7 monitoring of your sensitive equipment and infrastructure. From the land to the cloud, Astao Geoprotect can achieve more data from the asset environment to your own apps : motion, location, chock, tilt detection… Any information you need to monitor, Astao will send it to you in time.


At ICON-IQ, we look beyond borders to connect Canadian companies with the untapped potential of Latin American tech talent.  Our deep role and sector expertise enables us to recruit better technical, behavioral, and cultural matches faster.  We also provide remote onboarding support and immigration consulting to get your new hire swiftly integrated with your team.

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Interconnection & automatization between mobile networks & CRM, Workforce Management Systems, ERPs are areas for significant income increase, churn reduction & customer loyalty improvement.

mobileAPI is a patented Canadian software product and trademark that has a highly successful implementation on East European Tier1 mobile operators and CRM/WFM/ERP providers. mobileAPI is mainly focused on serving B2B customers and helps to monetize mobile call data. 80% upsell on B2B subscribers is an average practic-based outcome that speaks for itself. 60% average churn decrease is a remarkable improvement in customer loyalty. With mobileAPI technological know-how works directly with 5G/4G/3G/2G mobile networks. It interconnects all data from/to your mobile-to-CRM, WFM, ERP subscribers regardless of wireless broadband connectivity. The solution demands no specific customer App or customer device-based SIP-client. Even 2G-covered users’ call data & records will immediately flow/be interconnected to your CRM, WFM, ERPs, or other systems. We have practical experience in 5G/4G/3G/2G-to-CRM (SalesForce, MS Dynamics, Creatio, and many others) integration.

Mikisew Group

As Mikisew Group looks to the future, our strategy is to expand into cutting-edge technical services. Now offering our clients the complete package for remote confined space monitoring and ventilation, we are excited to announce our investment into Alberta based companies Impact Safety and Smog Busters. 

Remote Confined Space Monitoring (RCSM) is the future of confined space management. Our vertically integrated, wholly owned systems enhance the safety of your entrants, reduce risk exposure hours, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

A4 Cyber-Physical Manufacturing

A4 Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Inc. (A4CPM) creates Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to advance A4CPM and manufactures IoT for other companies. A4CPM was founded in 2020 to focus on Industry 4.0 opportunities in advanced manufacturing. A4CPM is an Alberta based Indigenous corporation with a 36,000sqft facility in Calgary.

A4CPM manufactures all technology related to the A4 ecosystem supporting HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. and AgriPlay Ventures Inc. with their Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. A4CPM intends to help more IoT entrepreneurs develop and manufacture their IoT devices in the future. AgriPlay is all over the news building the largest vertical farm globally with 3,000,000 sqft in Calgary. A4CPM is the contract manufacturer for all of AgriPlay’s sensors, communications, lighting and computer infrastructure.

A4CPM has several long range goals to develop new IoT devices specific to Cyber-Physical Manufacturing and leading Industry 4.0 development.


Cisco IoT products and solutions help organizations connect and monitor IoT devices, secure and automate OT operations, and compute and manage data from the edge to the cloud and/or data center. Please stop by our booth to learn more about us and see how we can assist you on your digitization journey. 

Shory Law

Shory Law was established in Calgary, Alberta in 1998. Beginning it’s journey in real estate, the firm has expanded into the areas of immigration, corporate and business, and criminal law. Shory Law has years of experience in assisting multi-national corporations enter the Canadian market, migrate workers, and develop sound strategies for tackling expansion into new ecosystems. The years of business immigration experience is matched with an in-house approach to corporate structuring and adjustments. The firm has assisted clients globally and collaborates with national and provincial government bodies as well as various stakeholders in their pursuit of their client’s desired goals.

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