Brenda Beckedorf

Director - The Calgary Innovation Coalition

Brenda Beckedorf is an accomplished ecosystem builder, a visionary leader, and a strategic thinker with a wealth of experience in nurturing and advancing a diverse spectrum of technology enterprises. She is the driving force behind a series of strategic initiatives dedicated to enhancing the growth of technology enterprises within the region. Her pivotal role in the tech ecosystem encompasses orchestrating the strategic conception, execution, and oversight of various programs.

Currently, as a Director of The Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC), Brenda plays a vital role within this consortium of organizations in the Calgary region dedicated to championing innovation-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises. Additionally, she holds the position of Director at AWE (Alberta Women Entrepreneur), actively supporting women in business through her involvement in business advising, business skills development, financing initiatives, and networking opportunities. 

Prior to her current roles, Brenda served as the Executive Director of Alberta IoT, a non-profit memberbased association established in 2017 to catalyze the growth of the digital realm by cultivating connections, fostering collaboration, and nurturing innovation. In her capacity as Executive Director, Brenda championed the unity of our community to amplify a collective voice in advancing knowledge, adoption, and growth within the technology industry, both in Alberta and on a global scale.

Brenda’s journey in the technology sector began with her role as Director of Business Development at Graycon Group, where she was instrumental in spearheading the nationwide expansion of the company across Canada. Recognized for her outstanding achievements, Brenda received the Universal Women Network Mentorship Award in 2020. Her commitment to empowering women extends to her previous role as Vice President of Calgary Women in Energy. Brenda Beckedorf’s unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise have made a lasting impact on the technology and innovation landscape, establishing her as a true catalyst for progress in her field.

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