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IoT North conference 2023

Celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship and investment in tech!

IoT North Conference will play host to a powerful gathering of the IoT Ecosystem. Leaders from Industry, entrepreneurs, government, academia, and the investment community will all be present. 

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In partnership with Alberta IoT, we're on a mission to unlock the full power of technology and innovation so that Canada can thrive!

At IoT North Conference, world-leading companies and trailblazers share the latest trends and insights about the progression and future of tech and innovation. Experts and practitioners take centre stage and provide over 60 hours of thought-leadership content rich with actionable insights that you can take back to your team to kickstart growth in 2024. 


Industry Highlights

Innovation & tech are growing

2806 technology companies were found to be operating in Alberta in 2021, compared to 1238 technology companies identified in 2018.

acceleration is on the horizon

85% of these technology companies have between one and three founders, 75% have fewer than 25 employees, suggesting an environment ripe for growth.

Lack of access to capital

Lack of access to capital and funding continue to be the predominant immediate challenge faced by Alberta's tech and innovation companies of today.

IoT Trajectory

The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide is forecast to almost triple from 9.7 billion in 2020 to more than 29 billion IoT devices in 2030


We are bringing together some of the best and brightest speakers in tech and innovation! 

Brenda Beckedorf

Director – The Calgary Innovation Coalition

Hon. Doug Schweitzer

Senior Advisor, Deloitte

Gregory John

Lead Executive – Unimaize Technologies and Four Peaks Business Development

Dr. Steve Liang

Founder & CTO SensorUp, Professor and Rogers IoT Research Chair at Uof C

April Hicke

Chief Growth Officer – Toast

Katie Kachur

Vice President, Government Relations, West – Canadian Propane Association

Sandeep Parmar

GM, Digital Platforms & Operations – Suncor

Cara Wolf

CEO – Ammolite Analytx

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IoT North Conference 2023 provides an excellent opportunity for tech companies to exhibit ground-breaking products and showcase their support for innovation and tech.  Discover how you can make remarkable connections with decision-makers, creators and innovators by partnering with IoT North Conference 2023!


Nothing says “team building” quite like the inspiration, learning, and bonding that you’ll experience at IoT North Conference 2023. Accelerate learning and build a deeper, shared understanding with your colleagues and peers by attending as a team! 

Transform your business

Gain access to over 60 hours of unfiltered content, authentic speakers, and infinite relationships. Join the movement that is IoT North Conference for actionable insights that help to drive meaningful change. 


Discover what our attendees
had to say about their experience!


This was a great launch to a valuable show, in a growing market that is increasingly a part of day-to-day business and life. As we come out of a never before experienced locked down society, the IoT show organizers have shown the rejuvenation, and value of a well-run exhibition and conference. As the show will grow, and the value expands, I would recommend this as well spent time and marketing dollars.

Duncan Pickard
Alliance Corporation

Always excited to participate and support innovation and tech in Alberta and Canada. Inclusive community representing all walks as well as various business, political and academic segments. Important and relevant discussion topics that we all must turn our minds toward to responsibly tackle the exciting commerce opportunities that are before us!

mathew bigelow
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