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Save the date!  IoT North Conference is confirmed for March 30-31, 2022, virtually and in-person, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Don’t miss upcoming updates and announcements!

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data, monitoring and measuring the environment around us in real-time. We see this every day with products that monitor our physical state, keep our lives organized, and help us navigate the world.

Organizations now have the power to use IoT to tap into data, drive insight, and make informed decisions throughout their business. The applications are endless for both consumer and industrial businesses looking to apply technology to streamline their toughest processes and solve their most challenging problems.

Hybrid Event: In-person & Virtual

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive experience for our attendees. We work to utilize technology to ensure that the current limitations of travel or restrictions aboard do not limit the access or engagement of anyone hoping to participate. We will provide an In-person and virtual experience.

Innovation Hub: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Calgary has long been a centre for innovation and entrepreneurship and that continues to be true as the IoT ecosystem grows at a rapid pace in Alberta. With bold intentions to be a leading centre of excellence for technology, Calgary is a fitting location for IoT North Conference.

An Event Worth Being a Part of

Attend, speak, exhibit or sponsor - however you want to make your mark - we've got your covered. Sign up for updates as we release information open up the event for registration.

Collaborative Transformation

Canada’s tech sector has been a driver for innovation in many notable industries and large scale applications.  Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and others all utilize physical devices and advanced technology, connected to the internet to collect and share data or monitor and measure environments all in real-time: the Internet of Things – IoT. This moniker identifies a wave of technology that impacts almost every industry globally and is growing and expanding at an immeasurable rate.   

As we look toward the future and the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) around the world, Canada has a global opportunity to be a significant contributor to the advanced application of IoT, and a leading stakeholder that creates jobs and a significant economic contribution. With a collective and intentional effort from Industry, government, academia and the investment community, IoT can become a major component in the diversification of Canada’s economy.


Why Attend?

Learn how to transform your business

See the latest innovations in the IoT space

Business Partnerships

Find solutions specific to your company’s need

Seek New Business Partnerships

Network with Industry Peers


Visit the exhibition floor & connect with leading organizations, start-ups, SME’s in Ai, Machine Learning, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning & more...

Conference Program

Register as a delegate and attend the two day business and technical conference featuring dynamic panel sessions with industry leaders, round tables, Use Case Technology Presentations, Powerful Partnerships Case Studies and more...


Take time to make meaningful connections within the IoT Community. Opening Night Reception, Refreshment Breaks, Networking Café & Lounge, 1-to-1 Meetings and more...

Experience Calgary

IoT North Conference is being hosted in Canada’s fastest growing tech hub, Calgary, Alberta. Join us March 30 & 31st, 2022 and stay to find out why Calgary was ranked North America’s top livable city in 2019.

Are you looking to sit front and center on an exhibition floor featuring decision makers from Canada’s top industry sectors? Are you looking for qualified business leads? Are you looking to create or build your unique product offering?

Collect and generate leads in real time at IoT North Conference. Grow your business and connect with the IoT Community at Canada’s newest and most important event for IoT. Partnership packages are now available. Contact us to find out more.  

Sponsor or Exhibit at IoT North Conference

Our Community

IoT North Conference will play host to a powerful gathering of the IoT Ecosystem. Leaders from Industry, entrepreneurs, government, academia, and the investment community will all be present. 

Join the 4th Industrial Revolution

Innovating Canada's Public & Private Sectors

The First Wave of IoT – Nine Impacted Industries


Up to $740 Billion autonomous vehicles and condition based maintenance


Up to $150 Billion smart homes, smart appliances, chore automation and security


Up to $3.7 Trillion operations and equipment optimization


Up to $930 Billion operations optimization and healthy/safety


Up to $1.6 Trillion health and fitness


Up to $1.7 Trillion public health, energy savings, and smart city initiatives.


Up to $150 Billion energy, safety, and security


Up to $1.2 Trillion automated checkout & new customer experiences


Up to $850 Billion supply chain, logistics, and transportation



Exhibition Floor


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